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Thank-you soo much for helping me to get the chairs delivered to my condo in the city in such a quick turnaround. I will call you for my next project.

Melissa C.

I ordered these off the website and was shocked to see the fast delivery service. Thank you ! 5 STARS *****

Sarah S.

Much better quality than Stuctube. Great products, great customer service. 

Mark T.

Great website. Great prices for what you get. I also received a 1 year warranty on my items. 

Tanya A.

Excellent service great communication,
I highly recommend this place don’t compare to structube!!! I will only deal with this company.

Rhonda N.

Hey, I bought the counter height tolix bar stools from you and I love them! Thanks so much !!!

Vicki H.

Great selection of trendy furniture with exceptional customer service. Highly recommend Toronto Modern Furniture to anyone who is looking for high quality furniture at affordable prices.

Sonia S.

How to compare the quality of Eames Replica Eiffel DSW/DSR Chair?


You may have seen 4 circle marks on top of the seat when comparing the chairs. These marks should be seen from limited angles only, as on the original chair. The cheap knockoffs will have 4 circle marks very visible from many angles. The thinner the chair, the less sturdy it is. 


The shockmounts of the Eiffel replica chair are the most important parts of the seat as they will affect the durability of the chair. On the pictures above, you can see the big difference between the quality reproductions and the cheap ones.
Our seat is a mirror design of the original Vitra version. The cheap versions are undersized in design and have a lack of metal reinforcement at the fixation. 


In order to give a stronger and more durable support of the chair, we crease the metal connectors, as on the original base. The cheaper versions are not creased, as you can see on the picture above. A base with creased connectors can definitely support more weight and will be more durable.


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